Hurrah! I Feel Spiffy!


Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Apparently, a lot of people who get CPAP machines do not use them. When I picked mine up and went through the how-to’s with the tech, she emphasized the importance of using the machine at least four hours a night, a minimum of twenty-one nights a month. The machine calls the doctor’s office each day (or at least the company that makes the machine and they in turn provide the doctor with the info) and lets them know if I used it, how long I used it, how many times I stopped breathing during the night, and whether I have a good seal on the mask. In addition, I have an account where I can log in and get the same info. They’re serious about this stuff. And the insurance company is too. If I don’t use it enough they won’t pay for it. So, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here when I say, I don’t think a lot of people follow through, otherwise they wouldn’t go to so much trouble.

Considering how much better I feel, I can’t imagine not using it. The difference is astounding. Even sleeping upright didn’t make me feel this good. The awful sense of being hung over all the time is gone. I’m not falling asleep on the couch, behind the wheel (scary!), or at my computer. Even my cat has adapted and puts up with the hissing air and the crazy tubes.

My CPAP machine has become my precious!

Since I’ve started feeling better I’ve gotten a lot more writing done. I’ve finished a short story that I plan on posting as a freebie. My intention is to start a dreaded mailing list, and using that as an incentive to sign up. I’ve also gotten a couple more chapters done on Book IV – title still pending – and have faith I’ll be able to get it done much faster than the last one. NanoWriMo is coming up pretty soon (November), so if I need a kick in the pants, that should help.

Cheers, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Hurrah! I Feel Spiffy!

  1. When you get it, make sure you order some CPAP ointment from Amazon. The one drawback I have found is the mask has a tendency over time to make my skin raw where the mask touches my skin around my nose/mouth area. I have my bottle on order now, and have not actually tried it yet – but according the reviews it helps a lot of people experiencing the same issue.


  2. The lotion I got has done the trick. I don’t think it was the latex, but it’s possible it was contributing to the situation. The machine pumps a water mist through the mask, and I think the combination of moisture and the rubbing of the mask as I moved around had the most impact. Regardless, it’s no longer a problem!


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