Coming Up for Air

Greetings! Yes, I still live, though admittedly I have considered jumping off a really tall cactus a few times. I thought it high time I popped in and updated everyone as to what I’m up to.

Writing. Well, of course I’m writing. I know the frustration of reading a book you like and then having to wait, and wait, and wait for the author to get their butt in gear and put out the next volume. I’m looking at you, Mr. Martin. But yeah, I am almost done with the first heavy rewrite. The last quarter of the book struck me as seriously lacking, so I’ve had to do a lot of extensive changes. I’ve pulled scenes, added scenes and shoved a few into different spots. It is my hope the changes will make the climax flow better and provide some excitement I thought missing from the first draft.

My intention is to have the rewrite done within one to two weeks. Then I will hope the wonderful lady who edited my first book has time to burn through book two. While she does that I plan to work on the cover. It took me a while to decide who to feature on the second volume. Initially I thought I’d stick W’rath and Raven on this one as well, but then thought better of it. Assuming I can get them to look as I imagine them, Lady Swiftbrook and K’hul will grace the cover of book two.

All of this is dependent on life letting up a bit. This week alone my father’s car went to car heaven and I had to haul him around to car dealerships to find him something good that wouldn’t put us both in the poor house. Then the downstairs toilet decided it needed a new tank kit. I’ve replaced toilet hardware before, so I didn’t think anything of taking on this project. Six hours later I realized I was never going to get things to work properly. The slug brains who installed the toilet initially put the tank so close to the wall that it can’t sit straight on the stool. As such, without the perfect gasket and more patience than Job, any flushing will result in water spraying out the bottom. So, I called the plumber. He took one look at it and declared he wouldn’t touch it, and that I needed to buy a new toilet with a smaller rough. I won’t bore you with the ordeal that turned into. Suffice it to say, I could use a little easing on my time.

So, I’m going to keep this necessarily short so I can get back to the big scene in Chapter 25. I just thought I’d been absent for far too long without any sort of update. Hang in there, folks. It’s a comin’.