Free Through the 21st

So the stars finally aligned between Amazon and Book Barbarian, and I was able to run a freebie sale for Exile’s Redemption. If you know of someone who has yet to give the series a try, let ’em know they have a couple of days to snap up the first book at no cost. Lots of folks have already taken the plunge and I’m excited to announce that for the moment, Exile’s Redemption is #1 in the free Kindle store in two categories! With luck it will stay visible for a few days and more folks will discover the series.


Creeping Tyranny

Ye old “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Mad Genius Club

It’s actually not all that common to have the Evil Tyrant take over the land and impose crushing new rules that the Hero and friends spend the book trying to overthrow. No, more commonly the Evil Tyrant replaces the previous Evil Tyrant (meet the new boss, just like the old boss) and changes who’s on the enemies list and the beleaguered subjects do the same as they’ve been doing forever and get on with life in general.

And bruised souls from the compromises that are necessary to get by when living in an abusive regime.

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