Ebook is Live!

So far, 2023 is proving fruitful. I hit publish for “Neon Ashes” yesterday and it is appearing on Amazon now. For now, it’s just the book. I’m waiting on a writer’s proof of the paperback before I commit to releasing it into the wild. You can pick it up here:

For those of you who are also writers, this is the first book I’ve published using Atticus for building both the ebook and the print version. It’s pretty inexpensive and works on both Mac and Windows. It is an author-centric app, so it allows you to easily add in front and back matter. They have an easy way for you to generate QR codes and add them to the book. On YouTube you’ll find quite a few short videos that explain how to do everything from the basics to working with images. Currently, there are a few limitations. For instance, you cannot import fonts. They have concerns over being held responsible for people using unlicensed fonts in their software. They do still have a decent assortment of letter types to choose from, but we creatives always have our favorites and it can be frustrating to be limited. I ran into one issue when trying to use a full-page image for the start of each chapter. For some reason Amazon tagged two of the chapters as going beyond the allowed area. Just two chapters! Odds are it was fixable, especially if I’d reached out to the folks at Atticus. They’re very responsive to customer questions. I chose to simply remove the image and leave such investigations for another day.

The good folks at Kindlepeneur are behind the app. You can watch an intro video about its features at this link.

That’s about it for now. I will post again when the print version goes live. Enjoy, and if you read “Neon Ashes” please consider leaving a review to help this fledgling book get off to a good start.



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