Serving Three Masters

Bad enough having a cat which requires expensive vet care – I am so glad I do not have to put a kid through college. At any rate, I’m thinking folks may enjoy some of this lady’s writing, at least the fantasy/sci-fi. I cannot speak for the ‘Pride and Prejudice’ story.

Mad Genius Club

A Galilean Rabi notoriously said that a man can’t serve two masters, for he’ll neglect one for the other.  Thank heavens I’m not a man, because I’m about to try to serve three.

Yes, I do know “man” is used there in the sense of human.  I’m just justifying my insanity.  The truth is like most writers, I have a time management problem.  No, really, I have several time management problems… I just can sort of roll them all into a gigantic one.

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History vs. Reality

I think this is one of the reasons that finding a collection of letters written by the people of the time, or newspaper clippings from papers reporting issues as they affected people “way back when” are good ways to learn about the times, and sometimes more rewarding than yet another book that consists of a series of dates and significant battles.

Mad Genius Club

Lately, I’ve been reading C. Warren Hollister’s Medieval Europe: A Short History, since it’s a subject that I know pretty well (at a certain level, anyway) so I can read a few pages before bed, fall asleep, and easily pick it back up the next day. As far as the scholarship goes, it’s a bit… bizarre. The author seems to think the Battle of Tours-Poitiers took place in 733, which made me go, “huh?” because I’ve never before heard it associated with that date, and there’s a little whitewashing of some very nasty people, but that can be chalked up to having to cram a lot of information into a ‘short’ history.

And, anyway, I’ve moved to the point where I’m reading the book not for the facts, but in search of a spark. No, I don’t need any more projects; I’m rereading the information to help integrate things…

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