How Time Flies…

Why, yes, it has been over two years since I posted. I swear I have the best of intentions… Sigh.

What have I been up to? Well, I released a novella in a new series that is intended to spotlight a variety of characters from the Chronicles of Shadow. They aren’t intended to be EPIC, but more short vignettes that flesh out some of the rest of the cast. It also gives me a chance to play with timelines. For example, this book that came out in, ahem, October 2020 (Proving Grounds) takes place ten years after the events of the original series. Aside from possessing a bit more combat skill, the twins aren’t all the different, however they are now joined by a much more mature Jaki. Having spent a good deal of time with the Wood Elves, the now seventeen-year-old has developed some archery skills. She’s grown even more practical, though she greedily maintains some childlike joy in just having fun. The three are joined by two new characters, a young gnome named Box of Rocks and a gruff but big-hearted half-orc named Gus. His dad runs the Rat-on-a-Stick eatery—not to be missed.

At any rate, it’s been out for AGES now, so pop over to Amazon and read it.

I also updated all of my covers. The website doesn’t currently reflect that. Something else I need to attend to. I blame the virus that must not be named. (Hah! I got them updated later this same evening. I’m on a roll.)

And… drumroll please, I’m soon to release the second novella in the same series I just rambled on about in that big chunky paragraph above. I’m hoping for this upcoming week, perhaps the next. I’m futzing with the cover (the unlettered version you can see at the top of this post). I’m normally better about planning my layout when I do a book cover than I managed this time around. You’re supposed to leave basically empty blocks in the overall image where the title and author name can go. I left a ton of space at the top and nothing at the bottom. Go me. So, I’m in the midst of trying to fix that without having to start over from scratch. There’s a ton of postwork in the image and the idea of trying to replicate it gives me hives.

So, the new story is called Neon Ashes. In case it isn’t obvious, it’s about Foxfire and his life before he arrived on Allasea. There’re killer drones. A basketball-player girlfriend. Family angst. Oh, and a crazed cyber killer. I won’t say who. You’ll have to wait for the official release.

My big resolution for the year isn’t about losing weight (though it should be). It’s that I maintain this darn web site and keep folks informed about what’s going on with my writing, my art, and whatever other random thing I think people might find amusing. I may even manage to get a mailing list going. I’ve been promising (threatening?) to do so since before I went AWOL. Fingers crossed; I get it done this time. If I do, you’ll know because of the obnoxious sign-up box that pops up asking for your email address. I’ll try to come up with something worthwhile as a “lure” to get you to turn over your info. I’d thought about doing D&d character sheets for my story cast. 5th Edition doesn’t have psions. Ugh. Fantasy Hero will allow me to build pretty much anything I want, but I’m not sure anyone out there plays Fantasy Hero. Or perhaps an older iteration of D&D. Where are my books… But as an alternative, I’ve also considered making some exclusive artwork available to download as desktop backgrounds.

But first things first. I need to get this new book out, and then we’ll see.

Oh, and I have two other bits of writing in the works. The third novella in this series, tentatively titled Truffles. The other project is a full-blown novel that involves a rescue mission into the Down Below, a desperate mother trying to save her child, and a protection assignment to keep a certain dragon’s human mouthpiece from getting assassinated. I’m only about ten-thousand words into that one, so it will be a long while before it sees the virtual bookshelves. But the other, I hope to finish up within the next few months. I hope. So many distractions.

All right, everyone, here’s to a 2023 that doesn’t suck. I wish you all the best, and I’ll see you soon. Cheers!


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