Couple of Things

Hi ya! Another little update to let you know things are moving in the right direction. I have sent the manuscript for Book III (now officially titled “Exile’s Legacy”) to my editor and I hope to start seeing some edited chapters showing up in my inbox in the next few days. While I await those chapters, I have been working hard on the new cover and I am pleased to say it is nearly complete. I will hold off on the big reveal for a bit more.

In other news, a military sci-fi anthology called “Luck is Not a Factor” came out today. It features nineteen stories by as many authors, one of whom is yours truly. The anthology takes place in the Four Horseman Universe created by Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey. The stories surround a number of mercenary groups in the far future after the human race digs itself out of a bad situation and takes their badass selves to the stars. This new book, as well as a couple of its predecessors “Fist Full of Credits” and “Tales from the Lyon’s Den” serve as great introductions to the 4HU. Lots of varied perspectives. Some funny. Some heart-wrenching. Many full of hardcore action.



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