Release the Hounds!

Depositphotos_9289479_xl-2015I did not manage to get a post done before NanoWriMo started, but here I am just to wave and give you all an update. The first three days were completely unproductive. I’d forgotten that I’d agreed to take part in a Christmas craft fair up in La Pine. La Pine is an awesome town but a little shy on avid readers. I did manage to sell two full sets of my series, as well as several copies of the first book. I’d tried to keep my expectations low, so I was pretty happy a few folks showed interest in my work.

In addition to me there were three other folks in the room. One lady had a lot of Christmas ornaments, some knitted items and some wreaths. To my left, a fellow accountant I work with had all sorts of sewn crafts. She did quite well, which made me happy since she’s a pretty cool person who worked hard to display a large variety of well-crafted items. To my right, was someone I’d heard of but never met. She does pour paintings and jewelry. She turned out to be an amazing person who loves to share knowledge. I learned a lot from her about her style of painting. She even gave me one of her paintings! I have a place picked out for it, but haven’t hung it yet. I’ll post a photo once I get that accomplished.

Once the weekend ended, I buckled down and got a decent amount of writing done. I sent out some email to folks, who’s opinions I greatly respect, to get some feedback concerning a story line I’d intended to pursue, but started to have second thoughts about. Unfortunately, the opinions of all involved split down the middle. I’m considering writing both versions and sending them out to see what people think. The “happier” version has already been completed. I’ll work on the other version tomorrow.

As far as the site for NanoWriMo, they’ve completely redone all of the pages and in the process lost a great deal of data. All of my buddies disappeared as well as my past word counts and my wins. It’s not particularly user-friendly. Took quite a while to find out where to update my word count. It allows you to put in a banner, but doesn’t allow you to make adjustments to the size or positioning of the image. I’ll have to figure out the exact dimensions of the banner and create an image specifically for it.

Well, I’m off to bed. I have to be up before 5 a.m. for work. Please, Great Spiny, let me find no one screwed up the register sales in liquor. Please.



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