Now Available on NetGalley!

The first book in my series, “Exile’s Redemption” is now available at NetGalley. That means folks who do not have Amazon Prime can read it for free if they get a NetGalley membership. If that sounds like you, or you know someone who this applies to, point them toward:

The overall ploy is to get more reviews for the first book. The greater number of reviews, the more likely new readers are willing to take a chance on an unfamiliar series. Once they read the first book, I of course hope they’ll read the next two. Fingers crossed, they’ll leave reviews for those books as well.

Based on sales and borrows of the entire series, people seem to enjoy the books. It’s a sad truth, though, that only one person out of a hundred readers generally leave a review. The deeper into the series they go, the less likely they are to continue writing reviews. The general feeling is that they’ve already expressed a like for the writing by leaving a review for the first book, it shouldn’t be necessary for them to do follow up reviews for the rest of the series. The fact is, those books are in need of feedback as much as the first book. It shows potential readers that the series has (or has not) maintained a certain level of readability. The more reviews, the more likely Amazon will feature the books in their reader mailings. Also, third-party advertising often requires a certain number of reviews before they will accept the book.

This is a not-so-subtle request for readers of my series to write reviews for any of my books you may have read and have not already reviewed. I have renewed my determination to do the same for the books I read. I have not done well by the writers I admire, not even leaving them a one or two sentence blurb on Amazon and Goodreads. Being a hypocrite is not one of those things I aspire to – changing that as of a month ago. I also plan to go back and catch up on the reviews I missed. Sorta a late New Years’ resolution.

Here’s that NetGalley link again:

Thanks everyone!


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