7 Habits of Highly Successful Invaders

I thought this was a good lesson on searching for ways to mix things up. Maybe your big bad villain isn’t really a villain, but a transplanted life form that ends up REALLY liking the mix of air or the yummy dirt on your world. It’s intention isn’t malicious, but the fact that it goes nuts like kudzu and eats up all the land your animals and veggies need, could be a real problem.

Mad Genius Club

I was driving home from work, appreciating that the switch has been flipped, and suddenly! Spring. The greens are moving all misty into view, and predominantly among them here in Southern Ohio is the Amur Honeysuckle. I was contemplating this, and how that trait is one of the things that makes it a highly successful invasive species, and it dawned on me that there are more ways to invade than are portrayed in movies about aliens. Sure, overwhelming military force is one way. But what other things have species done here on Earth that enabled them to conquer and victoriously rule the forestfieldstream continent?

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