How Politically Correct Should Writers Be?

While I continue to drown in the world of relocating, I thought folks might enjoy reading this article.

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A while ago a well-known author published a book about a rich, handsome man who pretty much had anything anyone could wish for becoming paralyzed in an accident. He and the woman hired to care for him then fell in love, but at the end he chose to commit suicide rather than carry on. This caused quite a few disabled people to be deeply offended, and this was pretty obvious in the reviews. Several suggested that she hadn’t done her research properly, or she would have realized that it was very insulting to those in similar circumstances in that it suggested that living in that way was so unbearable that death was preferable. Most of those real, live people strive for the best lives that they can. They don’t generally give up, and I’m sure that they have just as much joy during the course of their lives as anyone…

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2 thoughts on “How Politically Correct Should Writers Be?

  1. I’m not sure ‘political correctness’ has any real meaning any more.. It seems to me to be a term that means ‘a position opposite mine that people only take due to some level of coercion’. So, given that coercion can go both ways, political correctness means… Not agreeing with me? I’m really not sure personally. It feels like a poorly defined term to me. When I hear someone use it, I tend to tune the whole thing out, and that’s not fair, but what else can I do with a term I don’t understand.

    All that said, I remain a fan, and hope to see your next novel soon.


  2. It dawns on me that I did not answer the question posed..So I will, belatedly, do so.

    Not a jot. Not a bit, iota, or smidgen. As I see it, political correctness is a social conformity tool. We don’t need anyone to help us to find our level in that regard. Social pressure tells us what we need to know in that regard. Authors, thinkers, social commentators, philosophers, etc, their role is to puncture that bladder (well after pure entertainment, obviously). To let out the air that our circle pumps us full of.

    We can hate it, or love it, agree, or disagree, maintain, or diverge, but, we’re better off for having been made to think from other points of view.

    But, what I love from my teachers, authors, creative minds, etc, is novelty. That’s why they call it a novel. It’s novel, one hopes, to at least some degree.

    I personally, can’t fathom anyone being offended by a purely fictional story-line, unless they are offended by the fact that it’s not entertaining them. And the lack of entertainment doesn’t seem to be a issue you’ll have to deal with, so…But, apparently that offense, it’s gonna happen. So, in my opinion, I’d caricature them in an upcoming story and call it a day.


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