Woohoo! First Rewrite Done!

The day before yesterday, I finally wrote the final words of my epilogue. While the first 3/4 of my book fell into place rather well, all the planning fell short when it came to the last 1/4 of the story. Even outlines don’t always guarantee a satisfactory conclusion. The big battle scenes and the wrap up fell flat for me. So, I rewrote them. And then rewrote them again. I’m finally happy with the result.

So now the entire 107,000+ words have been sent off to the wonderful person who works as my editor. I thought she might have learned her lesson after the last book, but she agreed to help me once again. I’m grateful, to say the least. I know, despite all the hard work, that there are all sorts of issues in need of her critical attention. No matter how tight I think I’ve worked, she’ll find weaknesses. Unlike most writers, I actually enjoy the editing process more than the initial laying down of words. I regard the fixing of plot holes, awkward sentences, passive voice elimination, etc, as puzzles to be solved.

So, while she’s wrestling with my prose, I’ll start in on the design for my book cover. In case you’re curious, my intention is to plaster Lady Swiftbrook and Lord K’hul on the cover this time. While the first book was quite green, this one will most likely be quite blue. Once I get something to show, I’ll post it here for you to see. Wish me luck.


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