Thank You Beverly Franklin

Everyone likes getting reviews, especially when they’re nice ones. I tell people they’re the life blood of new authors, but even old pros wait anxiously to see how people react to their latest work.  I’m very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to not only read my book, but to post on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Thank you!

So where does Beverly Franklin come in? Well yesterday I happened to notice the review count had gone up one on my book. I anxiously scrolled down to see what the reviewer thought. Let’s just say I was at a loss for words. I’ll let you read the review yourself:


Well I just spent a whole Thanksgiving day with a bunch of elves. It was awesome but glad I was eating leftover pasta salad instead of turkey while reading the very descriptive battle scenes. Now if you think elves only go around baking cookies and whipping arrows at butt ugly ogres in cheap jewelry you are in for a big surprise. These elves have powers. They can mess around inside your head psi something and teleport without paying outrageous gasoline prices and actually heal themselves without a budget busting insurance policy that most doctors won’t take anyway. Now I thought there were no worse demons than my two little great nieces but like the book says if you think things can’t get any worse you lack imagination. I’m now naming my house the Abyss Auxillary. And the sound effects were amazing. Oh wait that was my niece’s cat in heat while I was trying to read. But no problem, she sneaked out the door when I took out the garbage. The sound effects got more intense but then stopped as I continued reading. I couldn’t put the book down except for snacks and bathroom breaks. And I don’t even mind the elf smoking cigarettes as he doesn’t stink up my car with them. But until they take their first bath after years in the abyss you sure don’t want to give that elf a ride unless you’ve been eating chili and can give him some stiff competition. I had a fun day. Of course tomorrow won’t be since I neglected the laundry, the dishes and the cat litter box so I could read the book.


I don’t think I’ve ever been more entertained reading a review. Fortunately, I was able to gain permission from Ms. Franklin to post her review here so a few more folks might get to enjoy her wonderful flair for expressing herself. Thank you, Beverly Franklin, you brightened my day.


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