Today’s Guest: Jan Marie

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Bio: Jan Marie is an establish online article writer. Mostly self trained with only attending one Rock Valley College writing course she first broke into the comic book writing scene where she worked with new independent companies as head script writer. She then moved into freelance writing having been published by various online publishers and also was featured in FATE magazine. She also hosts her own Review business blog site Authors and Angels where she host reviews and interviews of fellow indie authors. She now has written her first fantasy romance novella “Angelic Confessions.”


In a world where the Father created all I was born…an angel. A new breed I was meant to overthrow the children of heaven. To prevent this I was taken, and raised as Father’s own. my memories wiped, the dark beast inside me caged. Memories never stay buried though…

Even  Angels Sin…

Aye is an angel born unto one of highest angels of the heavenly council. Having never had this happen before Father raises Aye as his own making her believe she was created just like the rest of her angelic brethren, well except for the voices that whispered to her to kill them all. Aye would never, but she can not deny the thought, the sight of their blood on her skin, her lips is thrillingly tempting. What is she really? Why does everyone look at her with either disgust or lustful interest?

Aye’s world changes at the behest of Father that she have a guardian. Surprised it is the soldier Pio that Aye had befriend as a child. Soon emotions are tempted that could awaken a beast that could destroy or save them all.

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Excerpt from Angelic Confessions: Book I

I awoke to the feeling of being encased in luscious warmth so I nuzzled into it more.

“Are you nuzzling me?” I heard Pio’s voice underneath me. I opened my eyes wide finding myself lying against Pio in his lap. I jumped up sliding off his lap, stumbling to my feet. How long had he been holding me? “I was not.” I said defensively.

“Fine if you say so,” he said as he rose raising his hands in surrender. “You should get dressed then,” he said motioning me up and down. Again the familiar heat rose to my cheeks. Ugh! The man was incorrigible. I stomped away to dress in a simple medium length white dress with a red sash that tied in the back. Still fuming in my mind I tried to tie the sash behind me, when I felt Pio’s hands take over.

The man confused me. A total jerk one second, kind and gentle the next.

“Why do you have to be such a jerk?” I said exhaustedly.

“Well, I have been called worse, and by my own men too….”

I turned to face him wondering if he was insane. “Don’t you miss your former duties? Why are you watching over me? I-”

He took my face in his hands as my breath caught in my chest. “No, you are not. Your Father requested me, but I was honored he trusted me to do so.”

“Thank you,” I said slipping his warm hands from my face. I then smiled sweetly clasping my hands behind my back. “I am fine now.”

Pio dropped his head wearily, as he went and collapsed onto my bed. “You’re going to give me grey hairs now.”

“Angel’s don’t get grey hairs do they?” I said slinking myself back towards my door. Just as I turned to grab the handle a hand instantly slapped onto my wrist.

“Oh no you don’t,” he said as he slipped his arms around my waist swinging me around.

“Let me go,” I glowered tugging at his arms around my waist.

“But you were nuzzling me before,” he cooed.

“I thought you were a pillow.” I glowered.

“No you did not think I was a pillow,” he smiled against my cheek.

“Okay! I didn’t you win,” I said giving up when there was a sudden knock on my door. We both looked up surprised as he let me go. I walked over to the door oddly feeling naked without his arms around me. I quickly shook the thought out of my head opening the door to reveal Raphael.

“How are you feeling Princess?” Raphael beamed cheerfully. “I am better, thank you,” I curtsied.

“May I speak with your guardian for just a moment?” Raphael looked over at

Pio and I looked back to see Pio nod; he then walked out with Raphael as he closed the door behind them. I crouched down putting my ear to the door to listen.

“I’m fine, Raphael, thank you. I will do as our Lord requests. She is listening by the door by the way.” I gasped as the door swung open. Out I splattered onto the marble floor. “Very well then,” Raphael said. I looked up to see Raphael pat Pio on the shoulder with a weary look as then he walked away.

I stood up and bowed before Pio. “I am sorry for listening!”

“You are an impossible girl, aren’t you?” I winced as he put his finger under my chin lifting up my face to look at him.

“And you still like me right?” I smiled sweetly.

He chuckled. “Yes, I do, though I cannot let this misbehavior slide,” he scolded as I stood up straight a bit shocked.

“Pioooo,” I pouted.

He intertwined his hand with mine pulling me along to leave. “Father gave me permission to punish as needed.”

“Father did not!” I choked.

He looked back at me smiling quite mischievously. “Let’s go now, naughty girl.”


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Today’s Guest: C. B. Mac Gillavry

Today’s guest is just gearing up to put out her first work. She expects to have a short story available at Amazon starting on the 24th. While you wait for that, please get to know C. B., and get acquainted with her work.

Bio: C.B. Mac Gillavry studied English and Dutch literature, she has an affinity for Colonial Dutch literature. C.B., like so many authors, started writing as soon as she was able to write, although the actual reading started at a later stadium, with the discovery of Jane Austen. She enjoys many different genres and writers, preferably in the original language. The environment is a key topic in her writings and she ideally writes for young adults, in the hope of enchanting them, even if just for a short while.

The Eco fantasy series Domus Dianae for young adults is composed, so far, of novels and short stories revolving around a group of characters of various nature and backgrounds.


The first short novel’s main character is a girl of seventeen, Victoria Springer, who finds herself endangered by three people. Their goal is to pollute the Lake Garda and kill the girl. She finds out that she has magical powers she was destined to have, thanks to the aid of people and fantastic creatures who live in and around a highly magical place. From very shy and reluctant, she grows to accept a more active role in the story. She also learns about dragons and fairies, gnomes and magic, and at the end of the novel she finds love.

Here be dragons! A Michaelmas tale.

The first short story picks up where the novel has left, with the main character struggling to accept her new relationship and finding out more about the boy she loves. She is taught about certain mechanics in the magical world and has to fight against poachers in order to save the life of a group of nymphs and the dragons from exposure.

The lights of Saint John. A Fairy’s Tale.

The second short story is a fairy tale, the main character is Agatha the fairy, who has to overcome her past issues with long lost lovers and grow towards another more suitable partner, a nature spirit she encounters on a quest. She has to help him find the golden cloth, in order to save nature from the greed of men. She fight against her last lover, which is also a metaphor for her fighting against all the wrong he has done to her.

Domus Dianae is the magical place on the shores of the Lake Garda, Italy, around which the series revolves. There is an ecological theme waving through every individual story, together with a quote from Shakespeare and a song setting the tone of the  individual tales. The fantasy element also brushes against both real historical events and Greek mythology, as the place chosen for the tales has historically been home to a Greek colony and further inhabited throughout history.

The series will include at least two more short stories and a longer novel (work in progress), mostly set in Indonesia.

“O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright.
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear.”
–Romeo from “Romeo and Juliet” (1.5.43-45)

William Shakespeare

The Lights of Saint John – a Fairy’s Tale

By C.B. Mac Gillavry

Earring Twang

Once upon a time, there lived a small, golden fairy who went by the name of Agatha. She lived among many other magical creatures, on the shores of the great blue lake, in an enchanted valley that carried the name of Valtenesi, Valley of the Athenians.

The little fairy had long straight blond hair and was known for her sweet smile that reflected her kind nature. She was able to fly thanks to transparent golden wings that looked far to big for her. They were adorned with very delicate and almost watermarked patterns.

Agatha was the one who was in charge of breeding and training the fireflies that embellished the fields on hot summer nights. Whilst she was preparing for the summer to come, for the feast of Saint John, she stopped at the house of her friend. Susanna was the human who lived in the Domus Dianae, the most magical place on the western shore of the Lake Garda.

It was a bright and shiny morning when Agatha flew into the enchanted garden, the sun shone golden in the light blue sky…

‘Georgie! Come back here. You’ll burn down all the trees…’ Twang ran after the electric blue dragon, while Susanna rushed to and fro with pans of water to put out the little fires. All the while she kept repeating the word no, like a never ending mantra, under her breath.

‘What’s going on?’ Victoria asked.

‘Little George is being a bit naughty. He was supposed to lit a small fire, but the thing got out of hand…’ Susanna yelled over her shoulder.

Victoria and Joe looked at the scene holding hands. They both sighed at once. The girl looked up to her boyfriend and asked, ‘Do you think I should do something?’

He turned his head to her, then to the scene and back to her again. He nodded,‘I’m afraid so.’

Victoria sighed and placed her hands against an imaginary wall. She closed her eyes, muttered a few words and big splashes water fell out of the sky right above the little fires. One after the other, the flames dimmed and turned into thin gray smoke plumes that snaked up to the sky.

‘Well done!’ Joe cheered.

Susanna sagged to the ground and the chanting stopped at once as well.

‘Come here, you little devil!’ said Twang brightly, when she took advantage of the little dragon’s surprise. He only looked up at the sky where the water had suddenly come from.

‘I guess this’ll do for the moment.’ Victoria added dryly.

The little fairy whizzed into the garden and called merrily to the others, ‘Having a bit of a problem with the pup?’

Twang took the dragon by the collar and pulled him gently towards the house. ‘I suppose… He’s lovely when he wants to be. He is an adolescent right now, so I have to work hard to make him behave. Dragons should be treated with a gentle hand, otherwise they might turn aggressive.’

Agatha smiled broadly. Susanna got up and slowly regained her composure. She turned to the fairy and said, ‘Hello dear Agatha, what brings you here?’

‘Oh, I’m on my way to the grass fields. I still have to pick the spot.’

‘You seem cheerful.’ Noted the woman.

‘I am! For the first time in a very long time, I am… and I want to keep it this way. I can’t wait to show you how well the Lights are doing.’ She rose in the sky again, waved at the others, and shot away laughing, enveloped in her golden light.


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Today’s Guest: Charlotte Henley Babb

Some of you might remember Charlotte from a blog tour we did together a few months ago.  Well, she’s back and she’s got some new stuff to share with us. I hope you enjoy today’s visit.


Author Bio

Charlotte Henley Babb began writing as soon as she could hold a piece of chalk and scribble her name. Growing up in the red mud and sweet tea Carolinas, she was a voracious reader with widely diverse interests ranging from the classic folk and fairy tales to sci-fi writers like Terry Pratchett and Robert Heinlein. She brings to any project a number of experiences, including work as a web designer, high school teacher, college instructor, technical writer, gasket inspector, cloth store associate, girl Friday, and telephone psychic.

Her first novel, Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil, won the 2014 Sharp Writ Book Award for Sci-fi/Fantasy and an honorable mention in the 2014 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest for adult novels. Her second novel, a steampunk story of espionage and political intrigue set in an alternate 19th century U.S., is scheduled for release in late summer 2015.



Excerpt of 20 Hours to Charles Town to be released late summer 2015

Jonas stumbled toward the sky port, well into the afternoon shadow of the airship. He tripped on something, fell onto his face. He scrambled to his feet, leaning on the fence for support. He would have to get into the loading dock first, with no wagon for explanation. He found a discarded box, and with some effort, lifted it to his shoulder. He hunched over as if the box were weighing him down, and walked by the guards who protected the toffs leaving their carriages and loading into their elevator cages. Some people had even paid just to ride up to see the view of the Hudson, but Jonas just kept walking. He knew laborers were invisible.

Once inside, he found the freight elevator, little more than an open platform on a hydraulic pillar. He put the box down and sat on it, covering his face with his hand and getting his breath back. The upward motion of the elevator made his stomach quiver. Finally it stopped, on the roof, where the whole city and Jersey too lay before him. He stared at his feet and limped up the ramp to the loading dock.

The pain from the scrapes and bruises was drowned out by the vertigo of seeing the city in the distance from five stories in the air. He forced himself to look up into the dark bowel of the airship and to feel the solid ramp and the building beneath his feet. He had to explain to Madame what happened and ask her to take him out of the city to save his life. He had to walk higher to get there.

Another wave of dizziness hit him, but this time he wasn’t thinking about how far he was from the ground. He’d used his reserves running from the Red Hares gang, and he was exhausted.  He stumbled. A brown strong arm grabbed his shoulder, sending stabs of pain through his body.

“Man, what happened to you?” Plato, the loading dock boss, put his shoulder under Jonas’s arm and half-dragged him inside. “Get this man some water,” he called out. Plato set him on a crate. He grabbed a dirty bandanna from a pocket and started to dab at Jonas’s head. “Madame said you weren’t coming today.”

Jonas flinched away. “I got to talk to her right now. The Hares hit the shipment–got it all.” He leaned over to put his weight on his feet. “Help me up to her office before it gets any closer to lift off.” He forced himself to stand, again fighting dizziness and nausea.  With any luck, Madame would kill him now and save the Hares the trouble.

Plato’s dark face frowned with concern, his grizzled eyebrows drawn together like a strip of wool. “Better stay down here with us. She’s wound tight today–lots of toffs aboard, some bigwig meeting–lots of extra cargo.”

“All the more reason.” He steadied himself with a hand up to Plato’s shoulder. “Thanks.” He pulled himself up straight and headed for the stairs.

“Three flights up and to the left,” Plato said. “I’ll let her know you are coming.”



Maven Fairy Godmother: Through The Veil.

A dead cellphone calls with a job offer and a promise of dragons.

Imagine if Terry Pratchett sat down with Kathy Bates to make up fractured fairy tales for Edward Everett Horton to read aloud: you’d get MAVEN FAIRY GODMOTHER: THROUGH THE VEIL.

Giving up what’s her self-esteem for coffee, her last chance to redeem her life comes as a job offer to be a fairy godmother. But Faery is shrinking, the other fairy godmothers have disappeared, and nothing she does turns out right. How can she put together the happily ever after each of her clients wants with her boss standing in her way?

MAVEN FAIRY GODMOTHER: THROUGH THE VEIL is fast, fun read that shows that none of us is ever old enough to know better as we try to wish for we think what will make us happy.

Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil
$5.95 Kindle /$15.99 Paper

Other stories:




Maven’s Fractured Fairy Tales

$2.99 Kindle / $5.99 Paper

Fairy Godmother Maven Morrigan has her own way of making the happily ever after come true. These stories take on The Frog Prince, Rumpelstiltskin and Beauty and the Beast. Three fractured fairy tales to bring you a smile



mavenstiltskin200x300 Fairy-Frogmother200x300 bubba


Also available as separate stories $0.99

Bubba and the Beast


Fairy Frogmother


Other story collections, not in series



Just a Smidgen of Magic: Enchantment at the Edge of Mundane
Five flash fiction stories of magical encounters. $2.99 kindle/ $5.49 paper








Walking Off Heaven’s Shore

$2.99 Kindle/ $5.99 Paper

A ten-piece bucket of Southern fried flash fiction.







Turning Point

A cup of coffee and a decision $0.99 Kindle short







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Today’s Guest: Debbie Manber Kupfer

Today marks the second edition of the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writer’s Tour, and joining me is Debbie Manber Kupfer. Debbie is a big animal fan, especially cats, so she gets gold stars from me. Please enjoy Debbie’s visit here today.

BIO: Debbie Manber Kupfer grew up in London and lived in Israel, before somehow ended up in St. Louis, where she works as a puzzle constructor and writer. She lives with her husband, two children, and a very opinionated feline. She is the author of P.A.W.S and Argentum and has short stories in several anthologies including Fauxpocalypse, Shades of Fear, Darkly Never After, Sins of the Past, and Heroes & Villains. She believes that with enough tea and dark chocolate you can achieve anything!

Welcome to the world of P.A.W.S. by Debbie Manber Kupfer


DebbieManberKupfer Cover


When Miri’s grandmother dies, she passes onto Miri a silver cat amulet. Little does she know but the charm carries the family secret, a secret that saved her grandmother from the Nazis and is about to make Miri’s life a lot more interesting.


After she is befriended by others with the same strange, magical powers, her history comes alive. And with it, Miri’s fate becomes more dangerous.



Vienna, October 20th, 1941, today was Celia’s tenth birthday. This was not how she imagined celebrating it. She was with her family – her mama Miriam, her papa David, her elder brother Issel and her baby sister Liza. They were huddled together in the back room of their tiny two-room apartment in Grosse Spielgasse, in the dark, barely breathing.

Outside the building, the boot steps got nearer and nearer – Celia heard shouting, screaming, gunshots. She crouched down even closer to the ground, wishing that somehow they could all melt away into the shadows. Celia clutched her cat Max tightly in her arms, feeling his warmth, his soft tabby fur close to her skin, willing him to stay quiet.

Her mamma cradled little Liza at her breast, nursing her so she would not cry out. Outside the pounding footsteps get closer, closer: “Juden, Juden, Heraus, Heraus, Schnell, Schnell!!” Now they are at the door of the neighbors – the Wassersteins. She heard crying and a single gun-shot.

Miriam beckoned to her, “Celia, mein Katzerl , come here,” she whispered, “I have something for you, for your birthday.”

Celia approached Miriam cautiously, still clutching Max to her, “What is it Mama?” she said gazing into Miriam’s blue, blue eyes – studying her prematurely wrinkled face, memorizing every crease. Mama, my mama, she thought.

Still holding baby Liza with her left hand Miriam reached round the back of her neck with her right and unclasped the chain that she always wore beneath her clothes, close to her heart. It was a silver chain with a cat charm on it. “Take this Celia, mein Katzerl, wear it always, remember I love you. Ich liebe dich.”

“I love you, Mama,” she whispered as she fastened the chain around her neck, just as the doors burst open – six gestapo soldiers rushed into their home – “Juden, Heraus, Heraus . . .” Celia watched as her family was herded out of the door . . .

Also Available at Debbie’s Site

The story continues in Argentum (P.A.W.S. Book 2)

DebbieManberKupfer Argentum

In book 2 we go beyond the boundaries of St. Louis P.A.W.S. and visit the P.A.W.S. in New York, as well exploring the beginnings of P.A.W.S. in Europe.


Out of the darkness came a face more terrible than any Miri had ever seen before: huge fangs dripping with blood, eyes once blue, now glowing yellow and red, reflecting the blood that flowed all around them. Miri tried to scream, but nothing came from her lips. Echoing through her head was terrible laughter.

“You thought you were done with me, Miri, but I am immortal. I can never die. And now I am inside you! Thank you, Miri. Once, long ago, I gave you life and now you are returning the favor. How thoughtful of you! Oh, what fun we are going to have together. You have brought me into P.A.W.S.—exactly where I want to be.”


Debbie is currently working on book 3 in the series that tentatively is titled Maze of Shadows. Once more Miri is on the move and this time she is visiting Israel, to discover the secrets of her shapeshifter book that she has been told is linked to her silver cat charm.

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Today’s Guest: Joshua Robertson

So, today is the start of a new blog tour, specifically the Magic of Solstice Fantasy Writer’s Tour. Yes, another mouthful and a half. For the next couple of weeks, every other day, you can pop here to read about Indie authors whose specialty is fantasy-based fiction. Today’s featured author is Joshua Robertson (hence his name highlighted in the title). Let’s get started and learn a bit more about Joshua and what he likes to write …

AuthorPic1Joshua Robertson is an ambitious writer who enjoys devising flash fiction, short stories, poems, children’s books, and epic fantasy novels. Joshua is the author of the transitional children’s book, Bo Bunny and the Trouble. He is also the author of the dark fantasy novel, Melkorka, in the Thrice Nine Legends series. A tabletop game based off of the novel and world, called Thrice Nine Legends,  is set to be released in 2015.

Joshua currently lives in Alaska with his spouse and children. His ancestry is primarily Slavic and Scottish, which is often recognized in his fantasy writings. He lives his life with the purpose of enhancing each moment, seeking happiness and connection. Joshua enjoys writing, teaching, reading and traveling. His philosophy is that life is an adventure worth experiencing.

MidwinterCoverSynopsis of A Midwinter Sellsword

A bastard child of a noble family escaped the subterranean city after being enslaved to the gladiator pits. After being lured into the daunting political games, will he ever find his freedom again?

Available at Amazon

Excerpt from A Midwinter Sellsword by Joshua Robertson

“Mr. Gunther, is the place you know close to here?”

“Nothing in Hawkhurst is close,” Argus said. His words were honest. The city was built in layers, from top to bottom, from rich to poor, from free man to slave. It would take several hours to walk from one end to the other.

“Then we have plenty of time to talk. Maybe you could tell me of the Eadfel. My friends and I speak about it often in Galoroth.”

Argus scratched his bald head. It was hard for him to believe she had any friends as much as she talked.

“I rather walk in silence.”

“Indulge me, Mr. Gunther.”

Argus swallowed, feeling as though he were at the mercy of a spoiled brat who had never had a good spanking. It was difficult to simply argue with such a person without cutting out their tongue.

Unfortunately, killing her was not part of the plan. He yielded. “The Eadfel is the name for the political estrangement or interrelation that occurs between the leading families in the city.”

“Any simpleton could tell me that. Is it not a game?”

Argus winced, “If games end in poverty, slavery, or death, then yes – it is a game.”

Astrid crooned with a bounce in her step, “It sounds horridly delightful.”

MelkorkaCoverSynopsis of Melkorka

Kaelandur was forged by the Highborn to slay one of their own, Nedezhda Mager. As their slave, Branimir Baran never thought to question his cruel masters until he is forced to take part in the execution. His actions begin a chain of events that will lead him to confront demons, cannibals, and himself as he is forced to question his own morality and the true meaning of good and evil.

Available at Amazon

Connect with Joshua at:



Robertson Writes (blog)



Crimson Edge Publishing


AnaerfellCoverComing October 2015


Coming June 2015